Normalizing and Smoothing Cream

Normalizing and Smoothing Cream

Delia Cosmetics
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Normalizng & smoothing cream from DeliaCosmetics Dermo System is for you, if you:

    • have oily or combination skin, prone to getting shiny,
    • normalizes sebum production,
    • expect your cream to normalize and mattify your skin,
    • value safe and gentle skin care products,
    • need a light cream which will not be too heavy for your skin,
    • like it when your cream absorbs well and has delicate consistency,;
    • want to have the sensation of maximum skin hydration and good skin care for 24 hours,
    • expect to enjoy your everyday skin care.

Are the above also your needs? If so, you can be sure that this cream is for you, because it is the best for oily and combination skin:

    • contains: hyaluronic acid, grape seed oil, Hydromanil™, vitamin E, witch hazel glycol extract.
    • does not contain: parabens, PEG, silicones.

This cream has been tested by women with combination and oily skin. Their assessment proves its effects after only 4 weeks of regular use:

  • mattifies the skin,
  • minimizes shining,
  • reduces sebum production,
  • keeps the skin refreshed all day long,
  • gives the sensation of skin smoothness and suppleness.