Illuminating Soft Cream SPF30

Illuminating Soft Cream SPF30

Delia Cosmetics
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Trust us, we know that you need to:

  • protect your skin against sun rays,
  • minimize the appearance of dark spots,
  • enhance your natural skin glow,
  • well moisturize your skin – for your comfort.


  • brighter, fairer skin with healthy glow
  • well-moisturized and softer skin
  • smoothness and reduced appearance of wrinkles
  • less visible dark spots
  • even skin tone

The cream contains:

  • Red algae extract – natural ingredient which supports whitening to reveal the natural skin glow.
  • LPD Lightening L– vitamin C protects the skin from photo damage and inhibits skin pigmentation.
  • Verbena extract – this active ingredient has wonderful anti-ageing properties: smooths, moisturizes and fights wrinkles.
  • HydromanilTM - natural plant-derived component which shows exceptional moisturizing properties, helping dehydrated skin to restore the balance.


Day Cream – it is a basic and essential product in everyday skin care. In addition to beneficial actives, it is enriched with sunscreen protection against UVA/UVB rays to protect your skin from hyperpigmentation during daily hours.