Anti-Wrinkle Set with Q10 Cream and Serum

Anti-Wrinkle Set with Q10 Cream and Serum

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Anti-wrinkle regenerating cream with Q10 50ml + regenerating face and neck serum 10ml

Anti-wrinkle regenerating cream with coenzyme Q10

Enriched in coenzyme Q10 and vitamin E called ’the vitamin of youth’ creates an excellent regenerating and nourishing complex with a bio-renewal effect.

Regenerating face and neck serum 10ml

is a concentrated preparation designed for comprehensive skin care.
The synergy of the action of argan oil and vitamin E together with other ingredients improves the appearance of the skin.
ALMOND OIL - softens the epidermis and gives the effect of its renewal.
SOYA OIL - intensively nourishes and has an anti-wrinkle effect.
OLIVE OIL - regenerates, smoothes and soothes.